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Ljubljana, 23 – 27  August 2021

Steering committee meeting and training session

Ljubljana, 23 – 27  August 2021

After a long time of lockdowns and distant work the partners of Ag-Lab project could meet in Ljubljana for the steering committee meeting and the training session.

The steering committee meeting coincided with the Independence Day of Ukraine that the Ukrainian delegation honored with Georgian, Moldavian, Slovenian, Polish and Italian partners.

The steering committee meeting was moderated by the project coordinator professor Marija Klopcic, the meeting participants were greeted by professor Staška Mrak Jamnik, University officer for European projects. She presented the university and its activities within different international projects. The university is very active in the research activity and participates in 395 national and 315 international research projects. During 15 years it has participated in 222 Erasmus+ projects and is a leader in the Europe as for the implementation of Strategic partnership Erasmus+ projects.


The results of the activities during the period between two steering committees meetings and the summary of the overall activities were presented, discussed and evaluated by the partners.

The plans of the future activities until the end of the project were discussed.

In the framework of the training session the participants of the study session visited the Agricultural Fair in Gornja Radgona and a very modern / innovative dairy farm.


Another field trip was devoted to the visit of the AI Centre with bulls (production of semen), the laboratory for milk analysis, the farm with fruit production and the dairy farm with milk processing.

The participants of the training session were received by the administration of the Department of Animal Science and greeting by the dean of the biotechnical faculty professor Natasa Poklar Ulrih.

Four rectors (prof. Kakhaber Kordzaia (Caucasus international university), prof. Volodymyr Stybel (Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies, prof. Volodymyr Ladyka (Sumy national agrarian university), prof. Serghei Zaharia (Comrat state university) and two vice-rectors (prof. Elena Scripnic (State agrarian university of Moldova), prof. Dario Compagnone (University of Teramo) were received by the rector of the University of Ljubljana prof. Igor Papic. The continuation of the cooperation was discussed.


The lectures provided by the teachers of the Department of Animal Science were devoted to poultry production/poultry breeding (provided by professor Dušan Terčič), genetic analysis (provided by professor Peter Dovč), meat quality (provided by professor Silvester Žgur), feed quality (provided by professor Marija Klopcic),. Several laboratories carrying out analyses of milk, meat, eggs, forage and genetic analyses were visited.