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The on-line work packages’ leaders meeting took place on the 9th of April 2020

Its objective was the organization of the work of the project consortium in the conditions of the quarantine because of the pandemics caused by Covid 19.

Svitlana Shytikova, NEO of the Ukrainian national Erasmus+ office participated in this meeting.

The meeting was animated by Marija Klopcic, project coordinator.

In the result of the meeting the following decisions were taken:

1. To send the request to the European Commission for the extension of the project activities up to 10 months (having prepared plan A and plan B, as mentioned above).

2. To organize the on-line steering committee meeting in the nearest weeks to validate the decision of the project extension and to adopt the new work plan.

3. To discuss the strategy of the project dissemination and sustainability and to approve the decision of the creation of the “Coalition Advisory Body”.

4. According to the possibilities to organize some on-line training sessions animated by EU partners (like the session devoted to new teaching tools, proposed by the University of Teramo) that will be the additional activities to the planned ones.