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24 February 2021 Steering committee on-line meeting

Steering committee on-line meeting

24 February 2021

Objective: Summarizing of the work done during the period October 2020 – March 2021; planning of the work for the period March 2021 – October 2021.

Topic 1: Project activities progress report for the period October 2020 – February 2021 (number of graduated, studying and recruited students at the course of Laboratory practice, common actions universities – laboratories, manual translation) – all partners under the moderation by Marija Klopčič, UL, Project coordinator

Every UA, MD and GE partner presented a short report of the activities performed during the period October 2020 – February 2021.





Marija Klopcic, project coordinator, UL has presented the Project extension and new work plan for the period February 2021.

Olga Getya, SMC HPHE, has presented the formalities, related to the official recognition of the training courses in the framework of the project and presented work, that was done by SMC HPHE: Translation and edition of the manual “Laboratory practice” from English to Ukrainian language; re-registration of the project due to its continuation; creation of the film about the use by universities of equipment purchased in frame of the project  and presentation of this film at the international ERASMUS Days.

Ludmila Stepura, SMC HPHE presented the plan of the activity until the end of Ag-Lab project (till 15 October, 2022). Among them are: Revising of the elaborated training courses (March-May 2021); Informing stakeholders about the content of the updated educational programmes for acting laboratory staff; Training session for teachers and laboratories staff from UA, GE and MD at the University of Ljubljana (April – May 2021 (according to the situation); Three study visits to EU universities (Since June 2021 (according to the situation); The experts missions from EU to MD, UA and GE (according to the situation); Finalisation of the translation and publishing of the Manual  devoted to laboratory practice in Ukrainian, Georgian and Romanian (By April 2021); Permanent completion and improvement of  MOODLE platform;    Providing materials : articles, new relevant information for Web-portal; Students mobility between UA, GE and MD(according to the situation); ensuring cooperation of laboratory staff with university teachers; work on External project publications; Relaunching the development of the Advisory coalition board  to sustain the results of the Ag-Lab project after its lifetime and to finalize the adoption  the Sustainability strategy.


Corinne Stewart, ISLE has presented the MOODLE platform – its current state and further activities. Сorinne Stewart made the analysis of other dissemination activity.

Krzysztof Kafarski, WUELS made presentation about Quality insurance during the quarantine period. He has marked the main problems of project’s realization during pandemic: сommunication flow among partners is disrupted, postponement of trainings and mobility, on-line meetings cannot replace the real face-to-face meetings, delay of the project activities and uncertainty about the future COVID-19 restrictions.


At the end of the meeting, the project coordinator Marija Klopcic, UL spoke about the perspectives for the mobilities restoring and organization of the next steering committee meeting. 

All members of the meeting took part in a discussion on how to set up the project activity during the pandemic and how to use the funds if we are not able to implement all the planned mobility. Most partners agreed that every opportunity would have to be taken if quarantine was relaxed. There was also a proposal to organize a mixed form of mobility - countries with a good situation can travel, and countries with a bad one - join the events online.

A proposal was made from Polish partners to plan a study visit to Wroclaw in June (In case of a good situation). The final steering committee was scheduled for April - May (if the pandemic situation allows).

Nino Inasaridze from TSU proposed to spend the money planned for mobility on staff salary, but most of partners were against this proposal. So, it was decided to discuss thus question later.

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